#4 Keep On Movin – DeepSoulMusic Podcast

It´s october and time for another episode of the DeepSoulMusic Podcast. This time the podcast is filled with actual deep house tune fresh from the record dealer mixed up with a taste of classic house music.

The podcast starting deep with the maw records classic “Voices – Voices In My Mind” going to a hypnotic vibe of actual deep house stuff. Featuring tracks by Rocco, Alix Alvarez, Peavey, Anane, Louie Vega and Tiger Stripes.

The finish is one of my personal favorite tracks of all times. It´s the Danny Krivit Remix from Frankie Knuckles classic “Keep On Movin”.

So you know… Keep On Movin´ … don´t you ever stop!




Voices – Voices in My Mind
Alix Alvarez – Fayall (Original)
Peavey – Eshu
Professor feat. Oskido – Jezzebell (Main Mix)
Anane – Let Me Love You (Terry Hunter Main Mix)
Tiger Stripes – Rasmus plays the Marimba (Supernova Row Mix)
Delano Smith – Change Is Coming
Franck Roger & Mandel Turner – After All
Kyodai – Mi Rumba
Louie Vega – Thousand Fingered Man (EOL Mix)
Rocco – Saharian Child ( LB Remix)
Zakes Bantwini – Wasting My Time (Rocco Remix)
Franky Knuckles – Keep On Movin (Danny Krivit La Familia Remix)